Building Your Website – 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch Your Website to WordPress & Profit From The Net

Profit From The Net


Building Your Website – 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch Your Website to WordPress & Profit From The Net


Do you have an “old school” website? That is a website that you’ve created page by page in HTML using Dreamweaver, FrontPage or some other web page builder?

Profit From The Net

If so, now would be a great time to upgrade that old website to WordPress. Why? Here are several reasons why you should switch your website over to WordPress:


WordPress is easier to maintain than an old school HTML website

Even with the help of a web page builder like Dreamweaver, Expression Web, and iWeb, building and maintaining an HTML website takes a considerable amount of time and learning.

And it can take a considerable amount of time to maintain. Not so with WordPress.

You don’t need to know all of the complicated technical stuff to build and maintain your website. With the simple features and tools already built into WordPress, you can not worry about the technical stuffy and simply concentrate on great content and promoting your website.


WordPress can be more interactive than an old school website

If you’ve built your website using a web site builder, it’s usually harder to add interactive features to it, including blogs, comments, ecommerce, polls and surveys, forums, etc. In most cases you’ll need to learn how to install complicated software and integrate it with your website.

Profit From The Net

The other alternative is that you have to rely on an outside service to do these things which may cost you a monthly service fee. With WordPress, you can easily add these features in a few moments by simply installing a plugin.


It’s easier to make WordPress websites look good in mobile devices

Not everyone is surfing online using a desktop computer or laptop any more. People are using mobile phones, iPods, Blackberrys, and other mobile devices.

That means that you need to make sure that your website is prepared for these mobile visitors. But designing for mobile devices isn’t easy.

There are dozens and dozens of different devices out there and each device can display your web site in a slightly different way… and you need to accommodate all of them. If you’re maintaining your website using a website builder, this will get complicated really fast.

With WordPress, there are plugins and themes available that takes the guesswork and frustration out of designing your website for mobile phones.


It’s easier to make your WordPress website look professionally designed


Even if you master the steep learning curve of HTML and CSS, learning great design is another thing entirely. Designing your website professionally means that you need to know the principles of web design and how to use graphic editing software like Photoshop.

There’s little or no need of this with WordPress. There are thousands of professionally designed themes already available for every need and every website. There are even themes that allow you customize the look of your website how you please without needing to learn graphic editing, HTML, and CSS.


WordPress is free – One of the advantages of building your own website is that it’s often less expensive. But some of the tools you need to build your website with isn’t necessarily so.

A good website building software could easily cost you hundreds of dollars. And the less expensive alternatives often don’t have the features that make building your website easier.

Profit From The Net

And don’t forget that you often have to pay to upgrade your web building software. WordPress however is free… including upgrades. All you need is a web hosting service to host your website.

So if you have an old school website, now is a great time to think about switching over to an easier solution like WordPress and profit from the net.

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