How To Design A Book Cover

How To Design A Book Cover



Awesome Cover


You want a book cover that is appealing and which stands out. It must be awesome. Break conventions and be daring because you want attention. So try to be creative!

Having a great cover certainly helps a book stand out and it is one of the ways you can get viewers to see your book on Amazon. It may help with organic sales and you can profit from the net.

Good graphics with eye-catching fonts in cover designs sell  more copies than those book covers that are poorly designed.

One school of thought says your book cover must fit the genre. Another school of thought says do something “wacky” that makes impact. Creativity here is the key here.

A cover must capture attention.


A low cost easy way is to make covers on Canva. 

Making book covers on Canva are amazingly simple to design – even for non-designers. And Canva is FREE.

Here is how to make a book cover on Canva.

Go to

Create a design

Use custom dimensions

Enter trim size eg. width and height but make sure you work in pixels

            eg. 8.5” x 11”  equals  2635px x 3460px   (pixels)                    

Choose a layout
Choose an image  

Select a royalty free image. You can select from a site like Pixabay and drag it into Uploads on Canva.

Or you might like explore Canva’s Elements

If selecting from Elements enter a search word eg. “robots” and see what comes up.

You need to check the “rights.”

Click in the “i” to left of the image.

Is it Free to use in all designs?

Is it just for one time use?

Does it cost?

Be mindful of allowing some space on the outer edges. This area may be cropped in the printing process so don’t put anything important in this outer area.


Add text

Choose a colour

Choose a font size

Choose a font type



choose a background colour or design




check JPG


So now you have created your own book cover which you can upload to Kindle KDP and profit from the net.


Marji Hill