How To Write A Book Fast By Blogging

How To Write A Book Fast By Blogging




Write a book fast

Do you want to learn about a technique for writing a book fast?

Well, I always say that once you’ve done your market research and you know that you can craft a book that will sell, you can then do a series of blog posts that can form the foundation for a book.

A blog is a website and on this blog an author writes posts. It’s a particularly useful technique for non-fiction writers who need to become recognised as an authority within their niche.




A problem for many authors is that they complain about not having enough time so blogging can be seen as a negative and using up an author’s valuable time.

Steven Spatz refers to the fact that blogs have decreased in prominence to some extent and he raises the issue as to whether blogging is still important for authors.


Benefits of blogging for authors 


But for non-fiction writers a blog has a number of benefits.


  1. if a blog is monetised it’s another way authors have of earning an income 
  2. on a blog authors can share their knowledge, express their passion, build awareness, and generate a following  
  3. authors can regularly practise the craft of writing  
  4. they can grow and communicate to a network of targeted followers who are interested in their topic  
  5. authors can become an authority and write blog posts on a website that is highly optimised for SEO. The more they produce an ongoing flow of valuable content  the larger they can expand their network — all of which contributes to their credibility.  The author becomes the expert, the go-to person for those wanting to invest in they books, products and services.
  6. for authors a blog is relatively easy and is an inexpensive way to drive traffic to their site  
  7. Search engines like Google and others love new  content to index so writing blog posts is a great way of producing content.
  8. With blogging authors learn to write on a regular basis and this helps them develop self-discipline. Authors learn to schedule their blog posts and so they become practised at writing to a deadline
  9. The regular practise a writer gets by blogging helps them to write quickly.  
  10. Blogging is a valuable use of an author’s time because in the process it helps them with networking and meeting people who might help them to advance their writing career   
  11. Authors with a blog are positioned in the global market place and followers can get to know them their books, their products and services.  


Bite-sized blog posts


But one of the really great positives is that for non-fiction authors, blogging can be a technique for getting a book written fast.

Once the outline of the book is planned it can be broken up into bite sized pieces. A good size for a blog post is 500 to 750 words.

So if you wanted to produce a short book of 10,000 words you would need to produce up to 20 blog posts. If in a week you wrote 5 blog posts at around 500 words each you would within 30 days have the content for a book.

These blog posts become the foundation for a manuscript. The content can be repurposed, restructured, rewritten, edited, massaged, and turned into a book.



Steven Spatz  Do Authors Really Need To Blog?


Marji Hill