Who Else Wants a Great Title For Their Book?


Who Else Wants a Great Title For Their Book?


Choosing a book's title

Choosing the right title


Choosing the right title for your book is one of the fundamentals for getting your book discovered in the gigantic Amazon marketplace.

You want a title that  

  • helps your book to be found amongst the millions of others on Amazon
  • acts as a sales and marketing tool
  • creates that first amazing impression
  • is captivating 
  • is an initial hook that allures a reader in
  • influences whether or not your book will show up for a search term

Make sure you give your book the best chance of getting discovered on Amazon by choosing a title that compels a reader to find out more.

A potential reader has every chance of becoming involved in your book if the title includes search terms which include a benefit for the reader.

A title can make or break a book.

Listing the Title on KDP


When you enter the title and sub-title on Kindle Direct Publishing the title field should contain only the actual title of your book as it appears on your book cover. Be careful not to have missing or erroneous title information.


A good title


A good title arouses curiosity and interest encouraging a reader to take a closer look. By incorporating a keyword into the title the reader gets some idea as to the book’s content. 

Make sure your title communicates to the reader what the book is about and have a title that is appropriate to your genre.

To include suitable keywords in a title find out what terms readers are searching for. When you know this, keywords can be put into a title and sub-title.

You can do this by going to the Amazon browser and entering a term. See what words and phases come up with the Amazon auto-suggest.




Equally important to the title is the sub-title. The sub-title contains extra information about the subject matter of your book.

Write a sub-title that presents the benefits to your target market, and integrate one or two strong keywords related to your topic.

By presenting a reader’s benefit in a sub-title it will help the reader decide if this book is for them – particularly if it will solve their problem or issue.

Test your title with your target market. You could test it in a Facebook group, on a Facebook page, or even in your personal profile.  

To sum up your title and sub-title should convey

  • what the book is about;
  • who the book is for;
  • why someone would want to read it;
  • how your book will benefit your market.

While a good title may help a book to get discovered on Amazon a bad title will almost certainly be a hindrance to it doing well.


Marji Hill

Fast Self-Publishing Online