So You Want To Write And Publish A Book And Profit From The Net

So You Want To Write And Publish A Book And Profit From The Net


Write and Publish


I have been a published author for three decades writing for a niche market. My publishers have been internationally renowned  and in that time I produced over 60 commercial publications.

While this model produced income the royalties were very low, like only 5%.

For long I had the vision of having my own publishing house and producing and publishing my own books. The inhibiting factors were the costs of printing, managing large print runs, storage, and distribution.

And the fear factor in publishing: investing a lot of money for a print run and not being able to sell many of the books.

Then along came the internet and social media and the world was revolutionised. It was now possible to profit from the net.

This meant I could break away from traditional publishers and write and publish my own books having my own publishing house. This was liberating.

No longer did I have to worry about doing a large print run and neither did I have to have a storage and a distribution system.

In 2012 a friend introduced to me to the concept of self-publishing with Amazon. She said just do it. Follow the prompts. It is that easy!

I had a manuscript so I dived in knowing nothing about internet marketing or how to do anything on Amazon. In January 2013 I published by first book on Amazon Staying Young Growing Old.

Indeed this was a turning point in my life and I started my new career learning to sell things online.

Publishing on Amazon

Publish books online

Amazon offers two tools for publishing books and it has enabled thousands of authors to go it alone.

The great thing about publishing on Amazon you do not need to be a professional writer; nor do you have to be an experienced internet marketer.

Amazon commenced the self-publishing phenomenon in 2009 with its Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

The two divisions each offered complimentary services but it is possible now to publish paperbacks via the KDP platform. Createspace has been absorbed into KDP.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)


Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a way to publish digital books – eBooks for the Kindle.  

Paperbacks can also be published on KDP. While in the past paperbacks were published in Createspace they are now part of the KDP platform.

Paperbacks are printed on demand. You may want only 10 copies, 100 copies or larger print runs.  


1. No Cost – Your eBooks and paperbacks are published for FREE.

2. The publication process is fast – As soon as you have uploaded your manuscript into KDP and Createspace the publication process is very fast and your book can be on the worldwide market within hours.

3. Make more money – Enrol in a royalty plan and you can be earning 35% to 70% in royalties throughout the world. On top of that, you can earn your share of the KDP Select Global Fund when customers read your books from Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

Authors are paid for each page individual customers read of your book, the first time they read it.

4. Amazon is a massive search engine – Amazon dominates the world book market as well as the market for physical products and customers are there ready to buy and pay with their credit cards

5. You are in control – You Keep control of your rights and set your own book price. Not only that but you can make changes to your books at any time.

I love the flexiblity of publishing on Amazon. Not only can you sell your publication in digital format and sell as a paperback through the various distribution channels you can acquire your own physical copies and sell them offline via the old fashioned, direct sales method.

Once you learn to publish one book on Amazon you do not want to stop there. To make money with Amazon simply rinse and repeat and publish as many books as you desire.

Marji Hill

Author: First People Then And Now: Introducing Indigenous Australians