5 Ways To Research A Niche And Profit From The Net

5 Ways To Research A Niche And Profit From The Net


With our universe having been revolutionised by the advent of the internet, writers are liberated from the powers of the traditional publishing world. Writers can now earn incomes in  different ways from those methods of the past and today profit from the net.

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The old style publisher together with the traditional bookshop have been blown apart by the internet and the rise of social media.

But with this new world order authors have to be not only publishers but their own promoters and marketers because their creations are not going to sell themselves. 

Identify your passions and interests


You plan on writing a work of non-fiction but you are unsure of your topic. Quickly brainstorm your interests. Is there something you are passionate about? Do you have a special interest or hobby? 

Jot down 10 subjects that interest you.

What is the biggest pain people are experiencing?

Is there a problem you can solve?

Do you have knowledge that others want to know about?

Maybe you have a passion that you can share with others?

You might have a great idea for a book but how do you know if anyone is interested in your idea. Market research is essential if you want to have some chance of succeeding.

Find out what is of interest to people and if your idea fulfils an existing need or solves a problem. Write and market a book that people want to buy.

Top 7 profitable niches

Here are some of the proven profitable niches on the internet.

  1. Health, fitness and weight loss
  2. Relationships and dating
  3. Pets
  4. Self-improvement and How to books
  5. Money
  6. Technology
  7. Beauty

Do your interests or passions sit comfortably into any of these broad niche areas? Choose a profitable niche, one that has a proven track record, because these are areas that people want and are interested in.

While you might choose a popular niche you need to find an aspect of that niche where there is not much competition.

Spot the gaps in the literature relating to your niche and profit from the net.


research a profitable niche

Research your niche

You’ve chosen a profitable niche so now research that niche and see if you can find an aspect of that niche that does not have much competition. Brainstorm keywords or phrases relating to the niche to see what you can come up with.

Identify your competition, look at their strengths, and see how the competition is positioned online. Consider how you might do better. Look at reviews and see the weaknesses of the competition. Armed with this knowledge you can work on being better and produce a superior product. 

And consider your audience. Who will read your book? Who are they? What do they like? Identify their age, gender, family composition, location, activities and interests.

Here are 5 methods for doing your research:

1. Amazon is a massive search engine itself as well as being the largest retailer on the internet. Go to Amazon and search for popular and trending topics that haven’t already been covered by Amazon books.

Checkout this massive search engine with selected keywords. If a keyword shows up with lots of titles then this is a popular term.

Have a look at the titles and identify the competition. Is there an aspect that has not been written about?

It’s important to identify the competition so that you can write about an aspect of the niche that has low competition.

2. Google’s Keyword Planner Tool is a very popular, free tool for keyword research . Keywords can be searched and the competitiveness of those words analysed.

You can find keywords that are the most relevant for your book and see often they are searched.You can get ideas and determine the competitiveness of your keywords.

3. SEMrush  helps you with keyword research because it finds the keywords that are driving traffic to your competitor’s  website. Blogs can be written around these keywords to enhance your position in your niche.

4. Webfire is software that brings together all the powerful tools you need to get free traffic, leads and sales as well as get unlimited traffic for any product in any niche on autopilot. It has a tool called Keyword Tool which analyses keywords and their competition.

It helps you identify a niche that could be profitable.


5. Google.com, as opposed to google.com.au can be used to test the suitability of a keyword. You key in your keyword or phrase and see how many people are searching for this keyword.

Ensure your keyword has 100,000 million searches or more. Then analyse page 1 of Google and look at the titles in blue. If the exact phrase is not in blue anywhere on that page then you have a winner.

I have a book on Amazon called First People Then And Now. When I searched this phrase it had over 2 billion searches.

Then I checked the Blue titles and found the phrase had not been used. I knew I was onto a winning phrase.

Another successful phrase was We Have The Gold with over 100,000 million searches with no use of the phrase in any of the blue titles.

With the help of the above methods for researching the viability of your topic, you then need to check if the phrase is suitable to use as a domain name. If the keyword or phrase is available then purchase that domain name.

You are set up now with a keyword – a name that can be used both as a title for your book and as a name for your website, the platform from which you can start your online marketing campaign.


Marji Hill