5 Steps To Writing A Book

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5 Steps to Writing A Book


How To Write A Book

How To Write A Book

1. The research phase


Thinking of writing a book? Here are a few steps to writing a book.

Plan on writing a book that people want to read – a book that has good sales potential.  The research phase of your book project is vitally important.

As a non-fiction writer find a profitable niche. This takes some research.

Once the research phase is completed and you’ve decided on your profitable niche choose an aspect of that niche to focus on and to write about.

You are ready now to start writing your book.

2. Set a goal

How often have you heard from someone about their plan to write and publish a book. They talk about the book they are going to write to family, friends and colleagues.

Sometimes this talk can go on for years with a little bit of writing completed but never is the manuscript finished or published.

People want to read the finished product and not go on hearing about the book their friend planned to write. So set a goal to complete the book and work out a writing strategy to get the manuscript written.

Set a date for finishing the manuscript.

3. Plan of action

Then plan the length of the book. Is it to be a 10,000 word manuscript? 20,000 words? 50,000 words, or more? How many chapters?


GOAL: My book takes 5 months to write and is completed by such and such a date.


* Book length is 20,000 words.

* 10 chapters that are each 2000 words

  •           Each page is an average of 250 words
  •           Each month write 4000 words, that is, 1000 words each week.
  •           Give each chapter a working title


Once the planning is done you can start the writing but a blank page now sits in front of you.

4. Headings

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Create a number of headings for this first chapter. These could be keywords.

If you decided on 10 headings then you could devote 100 words to each heading. Once you have completed these you have successfully drafted your first chapter of 1000 words. Eureka!

Of course, always be flexible. You might only want 5 headings and devote approximately 200 words to each.

Give the chapter some structure with a beginning, a middle and an end.

While the above may seem overly mechanical don’t worry. This is simply a framework within which to write.

The framework can be adapted to suit your own working style.

5. Time management


Now that you have started writing be consistent with putting in the writing effort.

Decide when you will write? Look at the days of the week  and mark in the times that you will write.

I have always worked on the principle that if you do a little bit of writing each day then that little bit adds up to a big bit.

If you write consistently a little bit each day then by the end of the month you will have written a substantial amount.

You may allocate 2 hours a day over 5 days. So if your goal is to write 1000 words in the week then plan to write at least 200 words each day for 5 days.

Whatever you do plan to write and achieve small chunks of completed work. You will be astounded how quickly your manuscript grows.

As your book grows week by week reward yourself along the way.

Steps To Writing A Book

Steps To Writing A Book

This method of creating a work of non-fiction is something I figured out myself. This approach is a system I developed over a long writing career.

It started when I had to critically review about 1000 books in a very defined niche. Every day, my partner and I, each reviewed at least one book and wrote short, critical evaluations.

In just over a year we had done a sufficient number of critical annotations that formed the basis for the bibliography.

These short reviews of approximately 100 words each eventually comprised a critical, bibliography that went on to become a seminal work in the area of librarianship.

So if you systematically do a little bit each day you will complete your book within the time frame  that you have set and be on the way to self-publishing on Amazon.

Marji Hill   Author