Are You Struggling To Find Time To Write?

Are you struggling to find time to write?




“I’m involved in many different projects so I find it difficult to allocate routine time to write. Does anyone have a system or is it just being more disciplined?”

This is the kind of challenge faced by many writers trying to get a manuscript together.


Is time your enemy?


If you’re like so many writers your day is already filled with activities so how can you find time to write?

A morning person can get up early in the morning and write before the day takes over.

A night person can write at night after everyone else has gone to bed.

You can schedule a time when you will write.

But when you have so much going on in your life how do you schedule time in a busy day to write? If this is one of your big challenges then the solution lies in your reason for writing. 


How big is your why? 


When you know your reason to write, the problem of getting organised with time will resolve.

Some writers say they write when they get the inspiration – they wait for inspiration. They find they can’t write at a set time each day like having an appointment with a doctor.




On the other hand there are writers who like the discipline of having a set time to write. The mere act of writing or painting – being creative –  actually doing it, practising it on a regular basis, is the basis for inspiration. Inspiration is generated from practise. 


There is a champion Rugby Union player who is renowned for kicking winning goals. To become that champion he needs strength and accuracy.


Anyone would think this success is due to his talent, that it just happens when he is out on the field.  But no – his inspirational goal kicking comes from years of regimented practise.


The footballer’s mentor advised him that when he is about to kick the goal before the roaring crowd that he should “Do it just like practise”. 

This is what astronaut, Neil Armstrong said when he first stepped on the Moon. When asked what it was like he replied “Just like practise”.




So practising your writing during an allocated time during a day in turn stimulates and gives impetus to creative thoughts and ideas.

People always have time for the things they want to do. So if writers are struggling to find the time to write they need to ask themselves what is the reason they want to produce a book?

When the motivation for writing a book is all-powerful, when the reason is something you are really passionate about, when you ask yourself “How big is your why” the difficulties, the procrastination, the excuses will disappear.

When you examine the reason for wanting to produce a book many of the challenges will resolve if the “why” is big enough. When the “why” is big you are driven and you pursue your goals relentlessly.

Mastering your time and productivity to get transformational results all starts out with your “why”.


Marji Hill

Fast Self-Publishing Online