Do You Read Past The First Chapter?

Do You Read Past The First Chapter?


Do you read past the first chapter?


Let’s face it, Amazon is the giant that is dominating the world of self-publishing.


Making money as a writer


Developing authors to the high rollers are making their money from selling their books on Amazon. This is according to Ricci Wolman who also says that the more books an author publishes, the more money they can make.

So it goes without saying that every time an author publishes another book the greater the chance of growing the income.

Publishing lots of books just doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time to build up a catalogue of titles.

It is not easy self-publishing books. But to get another book published and marketed can be good for an author’s income.




The author who aspires to produce lots of books, publish and market them will need to have the drive, the dedication, the time and the energy to put into their writing career.

But this immediately raises the issue of how these authors are going to produce the volume of books they need?

If an author plans on creating a book production enterprise then this activity becomes their job, their career. Putting time and energy into producing books means there will be a greater chance of earning that higher income.

But how is an author going to be able to produce a quantity of books fast? They have to learn how to write a book fast.

The slow way to produce a book


Many aspiring authors think of book production in the old way.  That means writing a substantial text of some hundred pages. And this could take months or even years to complete.

Once the book is published it might not even sell very well. The outcome may be one very disillusioned author.

If self-publishing on Amazon the length of a book is not a critical factor.  The goal is to create a book that sells.

The new way of publishing


With the new way of publishing, and that is self-publishing on Amazon, there comes a paradigm shift.

The production of many books fast is one of the easiest ways to succeed as an author, and the production of a series of books is a way to generate an income from writing.

If an author thinks in terms of producing just one or two large books it’s time to think again.

If generating an income is important then do a re-think. Creating multiple books is the model for successful publishing on Amazon.


The importance of speed


Speed now is important so an author’s time must never be wasted. The creation of a lot of books calls for efficiency and high productivity.

We live in an era of fast moving technology. Everything is fast.

People want information fast. They get it immediately from the internet and access it via their smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Readers wanting immediate information will not cherish the idea of wading through long books.   Unless a reader has a passion for reading and they love to read hundreds of pages a long book can be intimidating when they are quickly searching for information.

The majority of readers won’t even read past the first chapter.

Today’s trend is to access information from books that is short,  quick, and easy to read.

They want it all and they want it now. We live in an era of go, go, go. Attention spans are short.

With a narrowing attention span, and being  flooded with information readers want books that are inexpensive, consumable, and which can be downloaded immediately.

So consider an action plan to write short books with short chapters. Instead of writing a large book break a large book down into chunks and create several short books.

If self-publishing on Amazon consider creating a series that have been spun from one large book.



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Marji Hill