Does It Cost To Self-Publish On Amazon?


Does It Cost To Self-Publish On Amazon?





Writers sometimes ask me why there is a cost to self-publishing on Amazon when Amazon is meant to be free.

There is no cost to self-publishing on Amazon. It is FREE to self-publish. The publishing process is fast.

Listing your book on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) can be done within minutes, and then getting it out into the market place usually happens within 24 hours.

So why the question?

Preparing the manuscript


Preparing your manuscript for publication has costs associated with it. This is particularly the case if you plan on publishing a quality manuscript.

In the past, the traditional publisher organised the editing, the proof-reading, the book’s design and formatting, the printing, and the marketing. Once you decide to self-publish you, the author, take on the responsibility of all aspects of the publishing process and the marketing. 

The self-publisher has the responsibility of ensuring that the end product, the publication, is a quality paperback or digital book.


Two choices


Now you have two choices: either do everything yourself or outsource to professionals.

If you choose to do it all yourself, the no-cost way, you run the risk of creating a publication that looks unprofessional unless of course, you are highly skilled in all the areas of cover design, editing, and formatting.

To create a professional-looking publication be prepared to pay for the editing and proof-reading, cover design, formatting and uploading of your manuscript and cover to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Expect to pay anywhere from $100 upwards because all the costs associated with self-publishing vary.

So if you aspire to be a successful publisher on Amazon your goal should be to produce a quality product.

Fast Self-Publishing Online


Now, if you have not already done this I do recommend you join the Facebook group Fast Self-Publishing Online. Publishing your own books with Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon is a liberating experience.

In this group you will get tips and have your questions answered.


Marji Hill

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