How The Internet Has Changed The World Of Publishing

How The Internet Has Changed The World Of Publishing


Profit From The Net

Profit From The Net


On 6 August 1991 the internet revolutionised the world and the way humanity communicated.  It profoundly changed the way people thought, connected and created.

A world transformed


In 1998 there was Google, in 1999 there was PayPal, 2004 Facebook, and in 2005 YouTube.

We saw the advent of email, the sharing of photographs, new ways of navigating, immediate access to information, networking online and social media. A telephone ceased to be a simple form of communication. Instead, it became a computer on which you could send emails, access the internet, produce documents, read books, take photographs, be a GPS, a pedometer, and so much more.

Our world has been transformed.


Laptop lifestyle

Laptop lifestyle

No longer do authors have to try to find a publisher because they can now self-publish and profit from the net with their own books.

My personal experience is that of a published author and for thirty years I wrote for a niche market. I worked with traditional, internationally renowned publishers and in that time I produced over 60 commercially produced publications.

While this model produced income the royalties were very low, like only 5%.

For long I had a vision of having my own publishing house and producing and publishing my own books.




But my vision was thwarted because of the heavy costs of printing, having to manage large print runs, then storage issues, and the challenges of distribution.

Fear was another factor. There needed to be a sizeable financial investment to be able to print the books and the worry if the books did not sell.

The advent of the World Wide Web has changed all of this. The publishing world has been revolutionised.

Authors can now break their ties with traditional publishers and anyone can publish a book. 

Authors today are liberated as they access new ways to publishing their creations.

Marji Hill

Profit From The Net