What Steals Your Time?

What Steals Your Time?



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There are not enough hours in the day


“There are not enough hours in the day.”  Haven’t you heard that?

So many wannabe authors complain that they can’t get their manuscript finished.


We all have the same amount of time – just 24 hours and no more and no less.

To be successful with Time you need discipline and you need to learn to master your time well.


The first step to controlling time is to find out what you really do with your time on a daily basis.


Time audit


Track activity over a day and even monitor these daily activities for a week.

You may think you spend 5 minutes checking Facebook. But do you ever experience going into Facebook and instead of spending 5 minutes you’ve actually spent an hour checking one thing and then getting way laid by checking something else and then getting side-tracked again and again until you have to stop it. 

So while you may think you spend 5 minutes on Facebook this activity has probably eaten up a whole hour.

Look to see what is stealing your time by putting your daily activities under the microscope.


30 minute time slots


Monitor your day by breaking the time up into 30 minute slots. As you work through the day, document what you are doing every half hour.

Record how you are spending the time. Collect honest data on what really happens in your day.  

If you can do this time audit for a whole week it will become very clear as to what is draining your time.


Track every activity


By the end of the time audit you’ll be able to analyse what you need to change to improve and get the results you want.

You will know what you should keep doing, and what you should stop doing. Eliminate the time wasters.

You can then make room to pursue your book writing goals.

Master time and achieve your goals. Instead of letting time control you, your time is now controlled by you.


Marji Hill

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